Our Mission

At Base Strength, we aim to provide the most effective and reliable diet and training consultation possible – catering to those seeking results by offering tailored guidance toward attaining their goals. With a focus on physique alteration, sports performance enhancement, or improved health outcomes, we strive to assist you in effectively allocating your efforts while avoiding ineffective practices such as regimens that do not yield desired results.

A woman is laying on a foam roller in a gym.
A couple of people are preparing food in a kitchen.


Our team is led by Jaime Alnassim, M.S., a doctorate of Kinesiology candidate. Base Strength is excited to leverage our team’s collective knowledge and experience to assist you on your fitness journey. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients attain long-lasting behavioral changes that promote overall wellness. We’re honored for every opportunity to provide more information on our website and other platforms. 


At Base Strength, we are deeply invested in fitness and nutrition and provide educational opportunities for those who want to learn more. Our commitment lies in empowering people from all walks of life with the knowledge necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle – whether it’s at university classrooms across the globe or through our presence locally within gyms and sporting events; whatever avenue we use to share our know-all strives towards data-driven analysis over anecdotal anecdotes. This is ensured by an unshakable foundation based on quality literature and experimentally proven theory.

A woman is seated on a bench, focusing on glute training in a gym.